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Are you one of those people, you know, the kind that wants to pull back the curtain and see how it’s all made? We are too! Nice to meet you! We decided to go ahead and throw the doors open and show you how we get all that magic into a bottle of Bedlam Vodka. Come tour the distillery and see how we bring in non-GMO rice from small co-ops in Arkansas. Marvel at the mashing process where we turn the rice into a fermentable starch. Have your mind blown with the distillation process we have pioneered with our state-of-the-art equipment. Ok, maybe we are overselling it a little. But come hang out, see how it’s made and have a sample at the end, along with a few cocktail ideas and free souvenir shot glass to take home. Just because you’re awesome. 
  • The tours we offer are currently only for those aged 21 and over. And take about 45 mins to an hour, depending on how long-winded we may be that day.
  • Tours are held on Friday and Saturday and include a complete experience of the process that goes into making Bedlam Vodka. There is a tour size limit so if a preferred time is not available in the drop-down reservation system, it means all of those spaces are taken.
  • Due to safety concerns, we do not accept payment for tours at the door. All tour ticket purchases need to be made via the website reservation system.
  • Our gift shop does not accept cash, and only issues email or text receipts for items purchased. This helps keep the facility more secure and eliminates paper waste common with other receipt systems.
  • Graybeard Distillery is a fully functional distillery. As such, depending on the stage of fermentation or distillation, certain aspects of the tour may be shortened or restricted from view for your safety.
  • The distillery floor can be quite hot during the summer months. The beginning and end of the tour are held in climate controlled areas, though the manufacturing area is not. We try to keep this portion of the tour as short as possible, but please be aware, we can't do much about the heat.  
  • A non-alcoholic beverage is offered at the end of the tour for those not interested in sampling the spirits we make.


Do you make anything else other than Bedlam Vodka
Nope. But we are working on some super-secret formulas that we may or may not debut in the future. We may just keep it for ourselves. But sharing is caring so you will probably get some too.
How many bottles can I buy?
You are allowed to buy no more than 5 bottles in a 12-month period from the distillery. These bottles are available in the tasting room shop AFTER the tour.
Can I take pictures?
Yes, but only if you get my good side.
Why do bad things happen to good people?
I don’t know, Billy. I don’t know.
What is the price of a tour?
A behind-the-scenes tour is $15. This includes a 1/4 oz sample of Bedlam at the end and you get to keep the shot glass!! If you WANT to pay us more for the tour, we won't stop you. 

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Private & Group tours
Private and Group Tours are available. Contact us at [email protected] and let us know what you had in mind.