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We are selling quality-assured hand sanitizer for $19.99 per gallon. Click the button below to sign up for a time to come to the distillery to pick it up!  


where to find us:
4625 Industry Lane, Durham, NC  27713


Do you have any other size containers?
No. We only sell in one gallon, new containers.
What is the hand sanitizer made of?
Ethanol, Isopropyl Alcohol, Glycerol, and Hydrogen Peroxide, following FDA and WHO guidelines for manufacture of emergency hand sanitizer.. 
Can I drink the hand sanitizer?
Absolutely  not.  The alcohol has been denatured.

Is the hand sanitizer flammable?
Yes.  Please keep away from open flames.  
What if I can't make one of the available dates on the calendar?
Email us at the link above!
What percentage alcohol is the sanitizer?
Approximately 80%
Can I use it to clean countertops as well as my hands?
Yes you can!  It can be used to clean countertops as it is over 80% alcohol.  Do not use in excess. Do not spray on hot surfaces, near open flames, sparks or electric motors.
How do I pay?
Pay with credit card only upon pickup
Can you ship the hand sanitizer to me?
We cannot ship to individuals.  You must pickup at the distillery.  We CAN ship to most business entities.
What if I want to purchase more than 10 gallons?
You can contact us at the Email icon above.