If you are like most of us, your singing voice should be left to morning shower renditions of “The Way We Were” and your athletic ability is at its best in the touch football game before Thanksgiving dinner. You know, when weird Uncle Ricky takes it a little too far and touch football becomes full-contact tackle and then Aunt Sharon won’t talk to anyone because of what I said last year which no one remembers because I WASN’T EVEN IN TOWN LAST YEAR… SHARON. Just a general mess.
But even if your artistic or athletic ambitions fall just a little short of global stardom, that doesn’t mean you can’t drink like you’re in the green-room of the CMAs or at the after-party for the ESPYs. Bedlam Vodka has the distinct honor of having been selected as the exclusive vodka and spirit of some of the most prestigious award shows and entertainment events in the world. Here are just a few of the favorite cocktails we served this year and in years past at those events. So, raise a glass and kick back like the rock star you deserve to be. We would buy your album, honest.